One unique benefit to buying a RivrStyk is that you get my expert  judgment in the wood selection and assembly and shaping of your paddle. I’ve been making paddles for over thirty nine years and apprenticed  master paddle builder Keith Backlund in 1975.

Heavy Duty Finish!

The finish on a RivrStyk is second to none. There are many base coats  of epoxy for the river to chew on.  The proof is in the pudding and  RivrStyx are known to last decades.   This means you can go until it’s  pretty scuffed up looking before you need a refinishing.

Wood Selection!

I don’t just buy your wood from the local hardware store. I shop for select Northern White Ash with just the right number of grain lines to the inch. It’s a long process but I harvest and air dry select fillets of the finest ash on the planet. I compete with bat  manufacturers and veneer buyers for this top shelf ash.


My shapes are designed to be kind. If you’re in it for the long haul and want optimal performance ~ RivrStyx deliver. Be good to yourself!

Street Tough!

RivrStyx tips and edgings are the toughest on the market. They’re THICK. They’ve got some stuff to them and because they are built with  epoxy- they bond tightly to the bladewoods. That means you can go  longer before refurbishing the paddle and making it like new again.

It’s ALL About YOU!

And they are custom!  They are all about you and your mission. The  look, the feel, the size, the feather~ a RivrStyk could be your dream  paddle made special for you.  If you want to see what it takes to order one check here.

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