What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I bought my S.O.Terrik in Sept 2000 and still use it as my primary  paddle. I used to run through a paddle every other year, but haven’t  needed to buy another since I got the Jimistyx. I absolutely love the  paddle as the custom sized shaft is perfect for my small hands ensuring I don’t get wrist or elbow problems. The flex in the shaft is just enough to minimize impact at the shoulder. The small blades with the peanut  shape ensure quick release when I need to get ready for the next stroke. The smaller blades also helped improve my roll as I depend very little  on the purchase offered by a larger blade. Needless to say it is highly unlikely that I will ever go back to a synthetic paddle.8 years and 2 minor refinishes later, the paddle is still in great shape – it’s also a definite conversation starter as on every river trip,  people ask about the paddle and ask to touch and feel it.Beyond doubt, these are the best paddles in the world ! (Maybe I should get another one for a spare :-)”

“I like the name RivrStyx! (for class 6 & doing trix…) If you’re considering a RivrStyx, your there! Just order it. You’ll get great service and even better craftsmanship. You’ll get a paddle that feels nice and won’t kill your forearms (flex). Not to mention that they are beautiful to look at when your doing your rain dance between runs. My eldest styx is 22 years old but its not used anymore (a collector’s item). The Styx I use now are more than 10 years old and still going strong.”

Attila Szilagyi - Owner of Custom Inflatables

“My Riot Styk is on it’s 4th year- a young one – but sees at least 150 days of use each year. It’s nice to have a paddle I can count on day in and day out. I love it for both playboating and squirtboating. It never feels too small or too big. Every square inch of the blade is in the right place for the right reasons, so I still get the power out of it I need for peak performance. At the same time, Jim’s small blade shapes, along with the organic flex of wood means less wear and tear on the body. And you might have noticed these look good too!”
Jeremy Laucks

“The Paddle you made for me is about 20 years old and still the finest bit of workmanship I’ve ever seen and help. The woods you chose and balance are perfect! BRAVO!”
Diane Untermeyer

From the perspective of an open Boater: “Jim custom makes each paddle for the user. Will even carve you a custom grip if you desire. The flex is to your taste you want stiff or soft he will do it. I can attest after 15 months with my first paddle they are not only works of art but very tough. While I only paddle up to class III/IV stuff, I love small creeks and as you know they can be tough on a stick. (I still push off of rocks despite having a woody). Having rolled off the bottom of shallow runs I know they can take it. I have broken lots of paddles and worn out Bandits and Vikings in one season so this baby is tough. Finally, they are very well balanced. The blades are designed to be light giving them a great swing weight. Update – now almost 5 years on this paddle and its still going strong after a refinishing a year ago, I expect it to last 10 more years. Lots of C boaters are stuck on the curved blades, I missed it for about the first hour, after that I did not miss it. Recently I have done a couple of raft guiding trips for non boating friends, no problems with pushing a raft around.”
Jim Pruit