Sizing Chart by Paddling Activity

These are the most popular sizes for the specified blade shapes. It’s best to base your length decision on previous experience. Most of my blades will feel a bit smaller and smoother than other manufacturer’s blades, but if you go with a length you’ve liked before you’ll find my blade shapes just make your stroke feel a bit smoother and faster.


Blade Shape


Squirting SO Terrik 180-196 cm
Rodeo/Play Riot/ SO Terrik 190-198 cm
Cruising Riot/ SO Terrik
Cruise/ Big Fun
194-203 cm
Speed Cruising Flo 200-210 cm
Creeking Riot/ Cruise/
Big Fun/ Flo
194-203 cm
Ducking Ducky Paddles 217-220 cm
Canoe/C-1 Canoe Paddles 55-63”
Rafting Rafting Paddle 60-63”
Touring Sea/ Lake