The Smithy

The Smithy is closely based on modern slalom blades- a wide tip for a lot of catch on the stroke~  but quite trim at the throat so you can get the shaft in close to the boat earlier in the stroke for added pull.  Great for sweep strokes and sudden acceleration- as is  needed for fast boof strokes.  It’s one of my smaller blades but at 7 5/8″ wide- it’s one of the bigger ones of the smaller ones….

The dense shape allows the blades to have great swing weight and strength and provide a nice high stroke rate.  It was named after up and coming phenom Malcolm Lee Smith and created for his slalom workouts but also applies well to cruising and creeking.  This is also Jason Westlee Craig’s racing blade and Christine Bousch loves to run the Green Narrows with her trik style version.

It’s the right tool for hammer time!  Always a hit.  It’s allll business!  Available in trik style (lighter and stronger) or curved powerface (enhanced catch).