The Riot Styk

articulate, sophisticated, rowdy…

The Riot is an articulated design with a lot of purchase. The bulk of the blade shape is towards  the tip where it will have the most leverage. But then the blade trims  in close to the shaft so you can get the paddle in close to your boat  for really big strokes. It is good for places where you want a substantial stroke- like paddling big flows or places where you might  need a crucial big brace or be rolling in questionable waters as in Rodeo formats. It is also for flavored strokes which are often used in rodeo, cruising, and surfing situations- although creekers love them too. This might be the best blade to try if you are coming down from larger sized standard blade offerings from other companies. I wouldn’t call it minimalistic- but it’s no bigger than it needs to be.

Blade size: 93 sq. in.   7.6” by 18”

  • Most popular lengths:
  • Rodeo~ 188-198 cm.
  • Creeking/Cruising~ 192-198 cm.

“My Riot Styk is on it’s 4th year- a young one – but sees at least 150 days of use each year. It’s nice to have a paddle I can count on day in and day out. I love it for both playboating and squirtboating. It never feels too small or too big. Every square inch of the blade is in the right place for the right reasons, so I still get the power out of it I need for peak performance. At the same time, Jim’s small blade shapes, along with the organic flex of wood means less wear and tear on the body. And you might have noticed these look good too!”

Jeremy Laucks