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Striding Paddles

For the fun of it tall…

These will help you stride with pride!   Striding paddles need super stout  shafts to deal with all the torque they deliver- and RivrStyx have that  strength.  These are striding paddles that will last for many years.   Designed by Jeff Snyder himself~ and used by him as well.   Sorry- I  don’t make take-aparts.  I haven’t found strong enough ferrules yet and I don’t want to sell paddles with a weak point.  These are very large  diamond shaped blades with a nice densely tipped point at the end to help in launching the boat from shore.

Blade size: 10” wide by 23” long

Most popular lengths: 10.5- 11.5 feet

Note: Because these are longer and larger there is a $100 surcharge for Striding Paddles. ($750)