Sea Kayaking/Touring

My Sea kayaking/Touring paddles feature a thin long blade and are usually sold pretty long~ 215-217 cm.  They are very blade light and offer low  resistance to the wind. And their smooth cross-sectional shape makes their release from the water whisper quiet. The cores on the shafts are bumped up a bit to lessen the overall weight of the paddle.  And on special request I can use Sitka Spruce for the cores ($20 surcharge).  These paddles have a super light swing weight and are best used with a low angle of attack. These are the ticket for harsh environments- or serene.

Anywhere that’s a beautiful place to paddle- you’ll look good showing up with  these pieces of art. Quiet, strong, smooth, and sweet- these’ll do the  trick.

Blade size: 115 sq. in.  4.5” by 23”  

Most popular lengths: Sea kayaking/Touring   215-223 cm.