Flo Small

In Action

Flo Small

The Flo is an asymmetrical bland design best used for speed cruising, creeking on shallow creeks, and  cruising/playng. It’s strong suit is its ability to take full strokes at low angles of attack- such as when applied on shallow slides. You get a lot of grab fast on shallow sweep strokes with this one. It also has a  nice full grab with a sweet smooth entry for low impact- ideal for speed cruising or pulling heavy loads like when you are kayak/camping. You can flip it over and use it upside down for an articulated stroke for  some variety- but that might not be ideal for demanding whitewater settings as it damps down the “catch” torque. This blade is so smooth it just disappears in your hands! It’s one of my bigger blades and can be custom sized for your needs.

It comes in three widths~  the Small is 7” wide, the Medium is 7.5” wide and the Large is 8” wide and one of my bigger blades.   Keep in mind when you are ordering big blades in wood-  the bigger ones tend to be heavier.

If you are looking for a medium size blade consider the medium Flo or the next size just slightly bigger-  the Wildwater 7.5.  They will both feel substantially smoother than an of the shelf paddle but have plenty of blade- even for big water.

Blade size: 91-100 sq. in.   7.6” by 18”  (varies on request)

Most popular lengths:

  • Creeking~  192-198 cm.
  • Rodeo/Cruising~ 185-198 cm.
  • Speed Cruising~ 198-205 cm.