Duckies (inflatable kayaks) are a fun way to explore whitewater as a novice wanting to safely get into Class III+ whitewater safely or an expert plying the super steep ELF runs (Extremely Low Flow ~under 200 cfs).  A ducky styk needs to be stout, long, and have a great swing weight~  these are all that!

Usually bought in the 217-220 cm range they give plenty of reach for early Duffek strokes and the central scarf area of the shaft is beefed up for when you slide your hand to the center of the shaft for truly massive backstrokes.

And~ they are beautiful and durable.  If you want the best~ you’ve found it!

Be sure to check out for the best inflatable kayaks in the world- Thrillseekers!

“I like the name RivrStyx! (for class 6 & doing trix…)

If you’re considering a RivrStyx, your there! Just order it. You’ll get great service and even better craftsmanship. You’ll get a paddle that
feels nice and won’t kill your forearms (flex). Not to mention that they are beautiful to look at when your doing your rain dance between runs.

My eldest styx is 22 years old but its not used anymore (a collector’s item). The Styx I use now are more than 10 years old and still going strong.”

Attila Szilagyi