In Action

In Action

Cruising Blades

Light and strong- like a Ninja!

The Cruising Blade is my smallest, lightest, and strongest design. It can be length adjusted to get the amount of torque you need. It is used for creeking and general cruising and is the same shape used for my Ducky stick which is sold in the 220 cm. length. It is a bland shape- not used for mid-stroke steering- but rather for applications where a fast, short stroke is optimal- like creeking. It’s all business and no fluff.  And it has a quiet ninja-fast feel to it.  The widest part of the blade is closer to the tip so it provides ‘just the right’ amount of torque.  But it’s also a blade that can pull through the water to save your shoulder if you ever land on a big brace.  I cruise with one of these in a 195 cm length.  The symmetrical shape means you don’t have to worry about which side is “up” when you are trying to move fast. This blade is so light and strong- you really should consider it. This shape has a lot of happy fans.

Blade size: 86 sq. in.  7.25”€ by 15”

Most popular lengths:

  • Cruising/Creeking~ 194-205 cm.
  • Ducking~ 220 cm.