Note from Jim

My orders have gotten to the point where I'm not comfortable with the lead time of over a year to complete orders.  So I'm taking a sabbatical from taking new orders from anyone until 2022.   I'll make an announcement when I can take new orders- when the time comes.  I really appreciate your patronage but I'd rather have the wait time for a paddle down to under 2 months.  


So as of now- I'm not taking new orders until further notice- even from old friends.   Sorry for any inconvenience this creates.  I still have about 10 year's worth of wood- so don't worry about me going out of business!   Also- I'll continue to make squirt boat sprayskirts and repair mine and Keith Backlund's paddles.  So I'm still FUNctioning- just not taking new orders.   Stay Playful!

A Word On Cost:

  • Any kayak paddle: $660 = $325 Deposit
  • Any single bladed paddle $360 = $175 Deposit

NOTE: Shipping and Veneers are billed for final payment along with the remaining 50%. Paddle construction takes approximately 9 months to complete from the time I receive your  deposit.

A Word On My Style

Please note~  the vast majority of the kayak paddles I make are “Trik Style” – centered on the shaft like a canoe paddle.  I prefer not to make curved powerface paddles because the curve makes them inherently weaker and heavier.  If you are looking for a curved power face I recommend Shadetree Paddles by Jonathan Rugh. I don’t build bent shafts.

Click here for a detailed article about “Trik Style”.

If you need to make a payment:

You can mail me a check at: Jim Snyder, 3567 N. Preston Hwy., Albright, WV 26519

or use the PayPal button belowyou must enter the amount of your payment when you are taken to paypal


If You have Special needs or requests we can discuss over the phone: 304-329-3310 anytime before 9 in the evening.