Notice Regarding My Backorder Situation

You may be aware that I am a one man operation and have very limited production. This has created quite a backlog of orders in recent years- which I expect will continue. In response to this continual situation I have adapted a policy of how I want to take and execute orders.

I will take orders as they come in- in order. But I won't accept a deposit until 3 months before your paddle is scheduled to be completed. At that time I will send you a notice and invoice for the deposit. You can decline your order at that point if you no longer want one. If you do still want one and send in your deposit I will make the paddle and invoice you for the balance due plus shipping when it is completed a few months later.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. Good things take time! Thanks for your patronage.

A Word On Cost:

  • Any kayak paddle: $700 = $350 Deposit
  • Any single bladed paddle $400 = $200 Deposit

NOTE: Shipping and Veneers are billed for final payment along with the remaining 50%. Paddle construction takes approximately 9 months to complete from the time I receive your  deposit.

A Word On My Style

Please note~  the vast majority of the kayak paddles I make are “Trik Style” – centered on the shaft like a canoe paddle.  I prefer not to make curved powerface paddles because the curve makes them inherently weaker and heavier.  If you are looking for a curved power face I recommend Shadetree Paddles by Jonathan Rugh. I don’t build bent shafts.

Click here for a detailed article about “Trik Style”.

If you need to make a payment:

You can mail me a check at: Jim Snyder, 3567 N. Preston Hwy., Albright, WV 26519

or use the PayPal button belowyou must enter the amount of your payment when you are taken to paypal


If You have Special needs or requests we can discuss over the phone: 304-329-3310 anytime before 9 in the evening.

Ordering your custom RivrStyk takes four steps:

Decide Your Paddle Shape... here is how
Choose a blade design~ This choice is based on what you will use the paddle for- racing, big water cruising, squirt boating, freestyle, creeking etc..  You  can find your choices here: How to customize. Also decide what length would work best for your needs.   This is most often based on your experience with other paddles.

Many people buying one of my paddles for their first time will also be using trik style blades for the first time and also notice that my blade shapes tend to be minimalistic.  The trik style blades are not only lighter and stronger than curved powerface paddles- they also provide a smoother feel and strong last bit of your stroke.  If you are concerned about downsizing too much you can choose a blade shape which is close to what you currently use.  My WW 7.5 blade shape is closely configured to common synthetic offerings.

I’m available any time for consulting before 9 pm EST. 1-304-329-3310

Decide on the Particulars... here is how
  • Decide how heavy duty you want to go-  this determines the robustness of the  paddle and also the swing weight.  Keep in mind that a good wood paddle is already stronger than most synthetic sticks right off the bat- especially for tip wear. If you ask for ‘heavy duty’-  that also entails a heavier blade and swing weight.  Generally heavy duty wood blades are only needed for places where there’s a high amount of rock contact-  like bony creeking or raft guiding in Colorado or New York. You  can also decide on light or dark veneers- or even specific veneers for  the tips.
  • If you want a super beautiful paddle consider a Decorative Veneer  from Taiki Sugawara ($50).
  • Decide if you would like light or dark colored wood. Single blade paddles can have different wood for the T-Grip.
  • Also consider if you’d like me to include a  special saying, your name and phone number inscribed under the fiberglass on the blade (no extra charge). 
  • For custom grip sizing and Veneers, snail mail me a tracing of your hand and/or a sketch or printout of your veneer idea.
  • Ultimately you can be as specific as you want!
Please do NOT send a deposit with your order.
I will invoice you for that 3 months before your paddle is due.   After receipt of your online order form I will get in touch with you as to when an anticipated completion date will be.  Thanks!


Fill Out the Online Order Form
If you prefer to download and print the form to mail to me: Downlaod RivrStyx Order Form.

You may fill out this form to get the process started. Please do NOT send a deposit with your order. I'll invoice you for your deposit 3 months before it is due.