by Sugawara-san

Taiki Sugawara from Sapporo is a specialist at veneer marquetry and he has made available tip veneers featuring his artwork. They really make the paddle stand out and have a striking original look. These veneers cost $62 a piece and they can be custom designed with your own art! His work speaks for itself so click on these pictures to see the great  detail work he does.

Taiki Sugawara is the only appentice I’ve ever had and he’s the only wood whitewater paddle maker in Japan. His paddles are called ‘Tai Chi Paddles’. He is also one of only a few ˜chopmeisters” in the world- people who actively custom size squirt boats- a very difficult challenge. And he’s also my good buddy and babysitter when I go to Japan sometimes.

Note: Adding a vaneer extends paddle production time: 7 weeks from receipt of deposit until paddle ships