I'd like to thank all my patrons throughout the years for making my dream possible.  I've come to the time when I have enough orders to get me to retirement so I am not longer accepting any paddle orders.

  If you have already placed an order with me I will complete it but it might take longer than I thought.  I ask everybody who got an order in to me to please set back my expected delivery date about one month.   It turns out I have so many projects going on I just can't keep up with my projected schedule.   I'll continue to  do paddle repairs on mine and Keith Backlund's paddles and I'll continue to make sprayskirts for squirt boats for about another decade.  So-  thanks for the ride!  I really appreciate everybody's help- especially my web master- Stephen Walker.  Team work made it happen!  Thanks so much!
— Jim Snyder

Designed With Passion

Nothing slips through the water more smoothly, or has the durability of a wood paddle.  They fill your hands with a solid warmth and a silky feel.  When taken care of properly they can last for decades.  And, they are so gorgeous your friends are sure to be jealous!

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Made With Love

What’s this “TRIK STYLE” blade shape all about and why do I feel it is the  best configuration I make? Trik style means the blade is centered on the shaft- like a canoe paddle. It means the paddle will do equally  powerful forward and backward strokes.

You Are the Boss!

they are custom!  They are all about you and your mission. The  look, the feel, the size, the feather ~ a RivrStyk could be your dream  paddle made special for you.  

Each one is individually designed and handcrafted of select hardwoods by Jim Snyder to suit your paddling style and needs (you may have even heard them referred to as ‘Jimistyx’).  Jim has been making paddles for more than 40 years.

If you need to make a payment:

You can mail me a check at: Jim Snyder, 3567 N. Preston Hwy., Albright, WV 26519

or use the PayPal button belowyou must enter the amount of your payment when you are taken to paypal

If You have Special needs or requests we can discuss over the phone: 304-329-3310 anytime before 9 in the evening.

Uniquely Yours!

Since Jim custom builds your paddle, he can help you dial in the best combination of woods and shapes to keep you paddling strong all day long.

Bottom Line

Whatever your craft or paddling style you can have a RivrStyx built that is perfect for your mission.

Lets Talk...

A bit About Jim

Jim is a world famous kayak designer and paddle maker.  He’s been doing both for decades and is credited with helping the sport evolve into the cubic state it is in today.  He was one of the pioneers of squirtboating and was the first person to cartwheel a kayak on flatwater in 1981.  Jim began his whitewater career as a raft guide and lives like a squire in northern West Virginia.   He was inducted into the International Whitewater Hall of Fame years ago but claims he only needs rocks and water to keep himself happy.

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