Jeff's Corner


My brother Jeff lives in the next watershed to the east of us- the Youghiougheny. And, like myself, he began living in this area by working as a raft guide and later developed a business by “finding” beautiful pieces of wood sculpture. He says, “God made it- I just found it.”

He is mostly known for his hand carved burl bowls of many sizes and his beautiful lamps- oh yeah and his wooden ‘hats’ which are sometimes worn as ‘perfect camouflage’ on the river. But have you heard of his “Burl Frogs” or his “Pot Belly Pigs”? He makes lots of cool small things of beautifully figured wood that sell in the $30-$80 range.

He is also very well known for pioneering the sport of “Striding” for the past 20+ years as well as being one of the top pioneers of the sport of squirt boating (strange sport…). He paddles class IV and V whitewater- including big waterfalls- standing up in an inflatable kayak (and sometimes the super-secret hardshell “Pearl” project) ~ using an 11’ long double bladed paddle. He can surf and even roll these things! There’s lots of videos of him on YouTube and Vimeo.

Jeff doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t want one. But I thought he could use some internet exposure so I made this page. It shows some of his work. He’s quite prolific and his rates are reasonable. Large bowls are in the hundreds of dollars but each one is a unique piece of art. Many friends rely on Jeff when it comes time to buy a wedding or birthday gift.

Lately he’s been enjoying making these little “Thumbowls” which come on a pretty tether. He says they can calm your worrisome moments if you give them a rub- and I think they are full of good luck because they were *found* by a very special person.

He can also make these cool paddle racks. These are from Sassafras and are available. He also enjoys working on custom projects if you have an idea. He might even have some suggestions for you. He’s an artist at heart.

Call Jeff at home during reasonable hours if you’d like to snag a nice Wooden Ware from him.