For zombies only. For dark ops in the underwhirled. I make skirts for squirt boaters- often referred to as “zombies” because of their helical aversion to mystery moves. If you don’t know- don’t ask.

I make four kinds of skirts- for the old standard rims- in small and large Cush Lindbergaskets. And also for the newer Jimirim I and II groove type rims.

I am filling in for Skirtworks at least until they are up and running again.


I can also bond dry tops to the skirts – making what’s called a “drydeck” for US$75. Drydecks are the driest skirt systems in the world.  I prefer NOT to work with Bombergear drytops as they have a unique configuration that requires an exceptionally long body tube of neoprene.

I do not make skirts for ‘regular’ boats. Squirt boats only- but the small size of Cush gaskets I make also fit the Big Dog Karma squirt kayak.

CUSH gaskets

Cush gaskets are a little thicker than standard sized rands. The small Cush gaskets work on all regular rim sized squirt kayaks of my design. The large CUSH gasket was specifically designed for a few of my designs where the rim is built low to the deck to create compression on more surface of the inside of the rim- these designs would be the Hellbender and Fantum rims- although some contend the large CUSH waterproofs better than the small Cush- on all rims- I cannot confirm or deny this claim. You need the small CUSH gasket to fit the Karma kayak. The large will fit all regular rims except that one.

To order a skirt I will need you to pay in full:

$200 per skirt + $15 Shipping if EAST of Mississippi

$200 per skirt + $25 Shipping if WEST of Mississippi

$200 per skirt + $30 for shipping to Europe/UK and Japan

$220 for Large Cush Rims + $15 Shipping if EAST of Mississippi

$220 for Large Cush Rims + $25 Shipping if WEST of Mississippi

$220 for Large Cush Rims + $30 for shipping to Europe/UK and Japan.

Pay by check – sent to me at:

Jim Snyder
3567 N Preston Hwy.
Albright, WV 26519


I will also need your:

Waist size ~ I usually make the tube 4” less than your waist size. If you want it a bit looser or tighter – let me know.

Set Back ~ you’ll need help with this one. It’s the measurement, as you sit in the boat, from your backbone to the inside edge of the Jimirim or regular cockpit you are using. It’s usually from 2”- 6” or so.

Shipping address ~ of course.

They take about three weeks to make and ship and I will let you know when they ship and when you can expect it.